Green & H2

Scandiuzzi has attained years of achievements with respect to nature as well. The commitment to research and the attention to technological advances have always been matched with a concern for ecological problems, in order to realize industrial plants in tune with the surrounding environment. Research on renewable energy sources is now moving in this direction.
Given the importance of this field, Scandiuzzi is currently specializing in new hydrogen-related technologies, biomass energy generation, and even in the wind power sector.

SCANDIUZZI ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Hydrogen on-site production plant


Scandiuzzi Spa Technology Department was set up at the beginning of 2002. It deals with the development and marketing of generators of hydrogen out of fossil sources (steam reformer), both in traditional industrial sectors and in the energy sector, with stationary and mobile applications. This activity is carried out through intense research and development programmes and the marketing of plants in the industrial sectors where there are technologies which require the use of hydrogen.

Scandiuzzi company stategy mainly aims at two markets: 
Hydrogen: traditional industrial gas
Hydrogen: energy vehicle 

The first sector of application involves all the traditional uses of hydrogen such as the hydrogenation processes in the food and pharmaceutical industry, in preparing protection atmospheres with reducing action in metal heat treatments or in the production of flat glass, in the electronic industry for the production of semiconductors. The second sector of application appears in the scenery of the worldwide problems related to energy and environment pollution. One of the most significative answers to these problems is represented by fuel cells, which are a valid alterantive to current electric energy production systems, thanks to their high performances and to the low impact on the environment.
Fuel cells can be easily applied in many sectors: electric energy production in power plants having different size, combined production of electricity and heat for different uses, power supply for electric engine automotive, power supply to small electronic units. 

Commercial Unit

First Prototype - Frontside

First Prototype - Backside

Handling for transport

Lifting for transport

Transport of Scandiuzzi on-site plant